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Video Gallery

AviaAM Leasing welcomes HNCA and Henan delegation at FL Technics Hangar in Kaunas

Customer feedback about FL Technics: Corendon Airlines

Customer feedbacks about FL Technics: Belavia

Boeing 737NG C-Check at FL Technics Kaunas

Aircraft Non Destructive Testing

Jet Aircraft vs. Maserati Mc Stradale video: A Fast And Fun Way To race

Time-lapse CFM56-3C1 Engine Dismantling from Luxury Class Boeing 737-500 Aircraft

The Afterparty of MRO Regional 2013: Attendees Sharing Their Impressions

FL Technics Training - Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

FL Technics PBH Programs: Brand New Solution to Optimize Your MRO Costs


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