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Engine, APU and LG Management Solutions

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FL Technics provides comprehensive engine management services aimed at saving its customers’ time and money.

We arrange the follow up during a shop visit in the most detailed way in order to minimize the engine shop visit cost. We are providing scrap replacement materials at much lower prices compared to what airlines would pay at the shops at that particular moment.

Apart from the shop visit, we offer our customers a number of alternative options to deal with the engine problems, including exchange, sale, purchase and lease of an engine or its components. Whatever the issue, we are ready to offer the solution that fits best which, apart from the rest, translates into optimal costs of engine maintenance for our customers.



  • Engine, APU and LG Shop Visit management and support
  • Spare parts, modules and component supply
  • Asset and material management
  • Engine and component short and long-term lease
  • Exchange and outright sale
  • Component AOG Support
  • Engineering support and technical consulting

Engines we serve

  • CFM56-3
  • CFM56-5A
  • CFM56-5B
  • CFM56-7B
  • CF6-50
  • CF6-80C2
  • CF34-3B1
  • CF6-80E1
  • PW2000
  • PW4000
  • V2500
  • Other types of engines


Phone: +370 5 252 5015
E-mail: engines@fltechnics.com


E-mail: aog@fltechnics.com

Phone: +370 5 277 0011


FL Technics has implemented a project funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)